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  1. Friday 23rd March 2012



    Studies show that many children in the early years of primary school don’t have verbal skills suitable for their age.[1]  Worse, there sin’t a fitting number of toys and games that focus on verbal skills for this demographic available. So how do we help to remedy the problem? Mimicry! is a game about sound to be played with 2-8 people, aged 7 and up. Each turn a player will draw a card and using only the ‘instruments’ at hand or their voice to help the other players guess what their item was within the time limit. Basic verbal reproduction and recognition skills can translate to better language and even arithmatic skills.[2]


    Every time it’s your turn you’ll draw a Mimic Card at random from the Mimic Deck. A Mimic Card has a list of 4 items with a points value, 1-4, next to each one. The higher the number the more difficult that item is.


    Cards come in 2 types: Theme Cards (cards with a persistent theme running through all their options) and Random Cards have a random assortment of 4 sounds.

    Once you’ve chosen which item you’ll be trying to mimic you’re ready to get into the action!

    Turn the timer over. If the item you’ve chosen has a mouth symbol next to it then you have to make whatever sounds you think will be helpful using only your mouth and voice, otherwise you can use any and any number of instruments available.

                                                                              The Floggle, Klopper and Trattle

    If your fellow players successfully guess the item then add its point value to your score and it’s the next player’s turn at bat.

    The game continues in this fashion until each player has had 3 turns. After this there is one final round. During this round when it gets to a player’s turn the player sitting opposite them will select a card and item for them.

    Tally the scores, the player with the highest number of points wins!